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Ear Stuff

Ear Stuff ear drops contain naturally active ingredients specifically formulated to soothe irritated ears.

Plus the drops are naturally anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic to help soothe and relieve irritation in the ears, eliminate mites and parasites, soften wax build up and remove dirt.

50ml Ear Stuff


“Well what can I say…..these ear drops must be a magic potion…Bella my dog has been on other drops daily for her ears yelping when touch them won’t let me near her…..stopped steroids last Friday and gave Ear Stuff drops to her and WOW!……she lets me touch them clean them and she hadn’t itched once…..if your considering these drops please do as I can tell you they are bloody magic drops….thankyou so much stinky stuff x

Jacqui Westwood

My 13 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has struggled with 1 ear since he was 2 years old.
My boy is on day 3 of the drops and I’m honestly blown away. We can actually see his ear canal for the first time in years!
He has no huge brown lumps falling out his ear. The most amazing and beautiful thing is he has actually shown signs of hearing again!! We had always accepted he was deaf. It’s absolutely life changing 😊

Karen Deana

5 days ago, this ear ( and our dog’s other ear) were both oozing thick black sticky, stinking gunk, nothing others ( and ££££) did could sort it. So I brought Stinky Stuff ear drops and THIS is the result!! Clean, clear no smell ears. Just a quick clean and one drop every morning now & still improving! Thank you Stinky Stuff!

Sue Britton

Ear drops are brilliant My boy was constantly itches his ears and shaking his head .. Tried everything…didnt work ..But these ear drops worked

Zena Towey

Happy boy coco after using the ear drops. He has had lots of issues with red ears and constantly flapping. Now he just sits still and lets me put the drops in and the difference is Amazing so thank you 😊

Hannah Rockett

After reading about the ‘ear stuff’ for weeks I put it off as gimicky products don’t usually work…2 weeks later and this fella is one happy dog, no crusty ears, no scratching and crying when touch. He even comes for some good deep ear scratches now.
Amazing stuff.

Darren Boulton

I was unsure of purchasing this product as it was through Facebook. But after 3 months of reading everyone’s comments and looking into the ingredients, I wish I had brought it sooner! My staffie has stopped all her head shaking and scratching and it’s cleared up all the redness. Great stuff, would highly recommend!

Victoria Louise Goldstein

Worked great with my dog too. Vet was checking my dogs ears and told me whatever I was using was working great. Thanks stinky stuff

Carol Neil