Chicken Non-Stinky 250ML

Feed supplement for chickens & poultry


Benefits of Non Stinky for chickens & poultry

Non Stinky feed supplement is very effective for chickens & poultry.

Adding Non Stinky to the feed will provide the all-important omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, plus biotin and Vitamin E to:

1 – soothe irritated skin & help prevent over plucking

2 – helps bald areas & promotes new feather growth,

3 – adding Non Stinky to the feed daily increases egg mass and improves egg quality.

4 – promote a healthy weight & maintain your chicken’s overall wellness

250ml Non Stinky


We recommend adding 1-2ml to each chicken’s feed once per day or if feeding multiple chickens, Non Stinky should make up 1-2% of the chickens’ feed.


All our ingredients are 100% natural: cold pressed Nigella Sativa, virgin cold pressed Cocos Nucifera, cold pressed Cucurbita pepo L., cold pressed Helianthus Annuus.

Always patch test before use.

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