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Stinky Stuff and Non Stinky are very similar products, and both are very effective at soothing itchy, irritated skin. They are both naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic. They also both contain natural anti-histamine properties. The main difference is the smell. As the name suggests, Stinky Stuff has a strong, pungent smell, whereas Non Stinky has a much milder and more pleasant smell. Non Stinky can also be used as a feed supplement too. Generally speaking, we recommend Stinky Stuff for horses and other outdoor animals, and Non Stinky for dogs and pets that live in the home.

Yes, Stinky Stuff does have a strong pungent smell, and this is exactly how it got its name. It’s been described as smelling a bit like peanuts and garlic. Stinky Stuff might stink – but it works, and this is why it continues to be so popular!
Because of this, we do generally recommend that Non Stinky is used for dogs and pets that live in the home, particularly, if you or someone you live with are sensitive to strong smells.

Non Stinky does have a faint aroma, but this is much milder and more pleasant than Original Stinky Stuff. This makes it much better suited for dogs and pets that live in the home.

Stinky Stuff must be combined with either the Shampoo Base or Carrier Oil. It can only ever be used on its own when it is being used on a horses hooves.

Yes, Non Stinky is absolutely fine to be used on its own. Just apply a very light coverage to the area and gently massage this into the skin.

Yes, Non Stinky is so versatile it can be used as a rub, shampoo and even a feed supplement too! This is a great way to support your pets immune system and general wellbeing too! For instructions on how to use Non Stinky as feed supplement, please see our help guide.

Stinky Stuff is for external use only. Non Stinky however is a very effective feed supplement!

We do not recommend using our products on pregnant or breeding animals

Whilst we advise against ingesting Stinky Stuff, it’s absolutely harmless if your dog accidently ingests a small amount of Stinky Stuff.

Yes, Non Stinky can actually be used as a feed supplement so it’s perfectly safe for your pet to ingest. Just avoid them licking the product off as soon as it is applied to the skin, as this will prevent it from being absorbed into the skin.

Although this is harmless, it will prevent the product from being able to work if it is licked straight off. For dogs, our favourite way to prevent this is by applying the products right before you take them for a walk. This will keep them occupied whilst the product has time to be absorbed into the skin. Similarly, it can be applied right before meal time. Other options include applying bandages to the area, or even clothes, to keep the area covered whilst the product has time to be absorbed into the skin. A last resort is the cone – simply pop this on for 30 minutes to an hour whilst the product is soaked in.

Our products are 100% natural, but this does not mean that there is no risk of sensitivity. Animals can be sensitive to natural products just as they can other products. It is rare but not impossible and we always like to be extra safe. A patch test should always be carried out 24 hours before use.

Every animal is different. Some see results in a day or two, others can take a couple of weeks. Using the products as instructed you should notice an improvement within 10days. If you do not notice any improvement within 10 days then we recommend consulting with your vet. If at any time you feel that the irritation is worsening consult your vet immediately. Our customer service team are also always here to help and advise on the products and can be contacted on 0113 250 8957.

It is rare but some animals can be sensitive to ingredients in the products. You can find complete lists for all of the ingredients in our products under the product description pages. If your pet shows any signs of sensitivity wash the area using a very mild shampoo. If irritation persists consult your vet. Signs of sensitivity include redness, itching and irritation.

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