Stinky Stuff

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Dog Ultimate Pack


Try our all-round protection and care pack which will provide everything you need to combat irritations, care for your dog and promote general well-being.

Use original Stinky Stuff as an intensive shampoo or rub to combat irritations, and Non-Stinky is a 100% natural food supplement to help soothe the irritated skin from the inside.

Adding Non Stinky to the feed will also provide the all-important omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, plus biotin and Vitamin E, to help support the dog’s immune system, promote hair regrowth, maintain skin moisture, a soft, shiny coat, and your dog’s overall wellness. Plus Non Stinky used daily as a feed supplement will also help with doggy breath.

250ml Stinky Stuff
250ml Non-Stinky Stuff
250ml Shampoo Base
250ml Carrier Oil


Hi guys, I have a 12 year old lab that has had terrible skin since she was a puppy, it got to bad this year, after coming across this page we ordered as a last resort… After just 2 days her skin looked amazing! Just wish we found this product earlier! Thank you so much for the product it’s incredible x”

Ellie Harman

“I will continue to leave nothing but great feedback for both products. I noticed a difference with itching almost immediately Happy pooch happy Mommy ✌”

Zara Morris