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Dog Non Stinky Pack + Ear Stuff by Stinky Stuff – Rub, shampoo, feed supplement and ear drops for itchy dogs

Stinky Stuff presents Non Stinky + Ear Stuff – everything you need to help your dog’s itchy skin and ears. Non Stinky relieves itchy, irritated skin and redness. Soothes minor cuts and abrasions. Moisturises dry, flaky skin. Provides effective relief from allergies and fungal irritations. Conditions the coat and skin. The massage rub provides targeted relief to irritated skin. The shampoo method provides all over relief and protection to irritated skin. Adding it to the food provides the all-important omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, plus biotin and Vitamin E, to provide relief from the inside, condition the coat and skin and help promote general wellbeing. Plus Ear Stuff – Natural Ear Drops for Dogs, to soothe and protect your dog’s irritated, itchy ears.


“Really good product, cleared my spaniels irritated ears and skin irritation within days, definitely recommend”

Lisa Freer

“Used this on my lab after countless appts & many various things which proved useless & waste of £
her belly & under front legs were at worst red & scratching / chewing herself … 
day & night so badly was s major lack of sleep for everyone obviously incl for her
bought the non stinky stuff & the difference is amazing ?
Also bought her the shampoo base also use it on 1 of my other dogs a westie X Bichon ….
Ive also bought the ear drops for her & use it on my 3 dogs { incl a Husky } when need be …
cannot recommend this stuff highly enough …
defo 5? ”

Liz Wallace McNay

“This product is literally a miracle cure for multiple skin and ear nasties….soooo happy to have found it. Many thanks from my happy little doggie and I ?

Lisa Angelique

“Been recommending this stuff all over the place – our GSD/Collie cross pup was permanently itchy & had terrible insect bite & grass irritations & mucky ears & eyes … she is now a happy non-itchy nearly-18-month-old with no fleas or red patches & super clean ears & eyes. Wouldn’t be without our Stinky Stuff now  Worth every penny. Thank you xxx”

Lynsey Pickwell