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Dog Non Stinky Pack Large by Stinky Stuff – Rub, Shampoo and Feed Supplement for dogs with itchy skin

Non Stinky relieves itchy, irritated skin and redness. Soothes minor cuts and abrasions. Moisturises dry, flaky skin. Provides effective relief from allergies and fungal irritations. Conditions the coat and skin.
Non Stinky can be used as a massage rub, shampoo and a feed supplement. Using all three methods really helps to tackle irritated skin from all angles.
The massage rub provides targeted relief to irritated skin. The shampoo method provides all over relief and protection to irritated skin. Adding it to the food provides the all-important omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, plus biotin and Vitamin E, to provide relief from the inside, condition the coat and skin and help promote general wellbeing.

500ml Non Stinky
500ml Shampoo Base


“This product is amazing. My Scottie dog had irritated skin for ages. Cost lots, with lots of tests but no conclusive results. Two weeks using Non Stinky Stuff and her skin was all cleared up and hair regrowing. Not looked back. Shall always keep some to hand. Miracle stuff! ?

Philippa Godfrey

“Well…..I got my stinky stuff through the post Thursday I was very optimistic about the stuff, I’ve just used it today on my both my dogs and I’m not kidding within the hour they have both stopped biting, licking and eating their fur! All I can say is it’s miracle stuff! Thank you so much I have 2 very happy dogs again ?

Deborah Cassford

“Is great stuff used it on two westies and a scotty done the job in a few weeks all look great. Have put people onto how good it is and how well it works on westies. I run a westie rescue and understand there needs. Brill stuff will be getting more very soon”

John Ditchfield

“Omg I received my Non Stinky Stuff yesterday I’ve used it twice and oh my, I have a shitzu she has always been itching and biting her feet . No more it’s a MIRACLE even her belly is not red I can’t thank you enough no more biting or itching ……every one should try it if there dog is always itching or biting or even if there belly is red xxx”

Lesley Green