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Cat Non Stinky by Stinky Stuff – Massage Rub & Feed Supplement for cats with itchy, irritated skin

Non Stinky is a soothing massage rub and feed supplement for your cat. Non Stinky relieves itchy, irritated skin and redness. Soothes minor cuts and abrasions. Moisturises dry, flaky skin. Protects against fungal irritations. Promotes hair regrowth. Conditions the coat and skin. Using Non Stinky as a massage rub provides targeted relief to irritated skin. Adding Non Stinky to the feed will provides the all-important omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, plus biotin and Vitamin E, to provide relief from the inside, condition the coat and skin and help promote general wellbeing.

Non Stinky 150ml


Wow, wow, wow! Does this product work? You bet your life it does! I will always be purchasing Non Stinky from you and can highly recommend it!”

Ju Beesley

“I ordered this a few weeks ago for my cat who was licking himself bald, I am so pleased I did as he is back to a ball of fluff, my dog and other cats look healthy to, thank you so much”

Sue Newport

“I was seriously sceptical about this & thought it would be one of those marketing gimmicky things, but we’d tried & failed with other products for my cat who had over groomed so much that she was totally bald on one side of her body. Within a week of using this, she had stubble & within the month she had hair again…couple of months down the line she looks normal again…amazing stuff!!”

Jo Richardson

“Used Non-Stinky Stuff on Charlie, once a day for just over a week!! Brilliant results and a much happier cat! ? ”

Emma Scott

“This stuff rocks! If you have a cat with a irritated skin I’d recommend this all day long! ? ”

Lynn Trixi Nicholls